Page updated: October 27, 2020
Author: Curtis Mobley
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Commercial Instrument Manufacturers

Some commercial instrument manufacturers are

Sea-Bird Scientific, which develops and manufactures instrumentation to measure aquatic physical, biogeochemical, and optical optical properties. Sea-Bird is now home to the instruments previously sold by WETLabs and Satlantic, Inc.

Biospherical Instruments, Inc., which designs and manufactures scientific instrumentation for aquatic and terrestrial environmental monitoring.

Sequoia Scientific, Inc., which manufactures instruments for in-water and laboratory measurement of particle size distributions and volume scattering functions, and is also the US and Canadian distributor for the HydroLight and EcoLight-S software packages.

Sunstone Scientific, which manufactures an integrating cavity absorption meter and provides instrument calibration services.

Ocean Insight (previously Ocean Optics, Inc.), which manufactures spectrometers and related instruments.

TriOS Optical Sensors, which manufactures radiometers and related water-quality instruments.

Water Insight, which provides remote-sensing and water quality instrumentation and research.

HOBI Instrument Services, which provides calibration, maintenance and repair for oceanographic and radiometric equipment formerly made by HOBI Labs, Inc.

We invite other commercial companies manufacturing instruments for optical oceanography and ocean color remote sensing to contact us and we will gladly link them.

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